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Qianwei: the new 3000 t / a high purity ceric ammonium nitrate project of Leshan Dongcheng new materials Co., Ltd. is progressing smoothly

Leshan Dongcheng new materials Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 200 million yuan, has built a new 3000 t / a high-purity ceric ammonium nitrate project. The construction of a workshop and circuit installation have been completed. The main building area is 3554 square meters (including 1554 square meters of standard workshop, 800 square decimeters of comprehensive office building and 320 square meters of canteen and staff dormitory). The roads in the plant area have been hardened for 718m, and the 652m enclosure has been constructed, which has successfully passed the acceptance of the county functional department. Recruit more than 60 staff and complete training. 40 sets of various production equipment have been installed and debugged. It is now in the trial production stage and is expected to be officially put into operation in the near future.

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