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Leshan Dongcheng new material Co., Ltd

Address: Qianwei County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province

Xinmin Industrial Park

Contact: Mr. Xiao, Ms. Li

Landline: 0833-2280269

Mobile: 13541940022


Email: xiaoxc15@163.com

P.C: 614406

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Leshan Dongcheng new material Co., Ltd.,located in Xinmin industrial park, Qianwei county, established in December 2011, covering an area of 28 mu, with 115 existing staff, mainly engages in research & development and production of highly processed rare earth products.

The main product of our company is self-developed high purity ammonium cerium nitrate which is mainly applied to circuit of liquidcrystal glass rot engraved, ternary catalysts, display polishing, memory, hard disk polishing, exploitation in oil field, military, medicine, environmental protection, organic synthesis and other high-tech areas.Especially, circuit of liquid crystal glass rot engraved and automobile exhaust purification catalysts are major users.

At present, the company has a scale of 3000 tons a year on high purity ammonium cerium nitrate production,  mainly exporting to Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States and so on. At the same time, to meet consumer demands, the company also produceshigh purity cerium hydroxide, cerium nitrate, lanthanum nitrte, cerium chloride , lanthanum chloride, neodymium chloride, Cerium acetate, lanthanum acetate, cerinm sulfate, cerium ammonium sulfate and other rare earth series products.

The company, equipped with a professional team on research and development and testing equipment ,has set up an efficient quality management system and been guaranteed the sustainable development effectively.


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Leshan Dongcheng new material Co., Ltd

Tel: 0833-2280269

Mobile: Mr. Xiao: 13541940022

Ms. Li: 13881913475

Email: xiaoxc15@163.com

Postal Code: 614406

Address: Xinmin Industrial Park, Qianwei County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province

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