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The investment agreement of high purity can and automobile exhaust purification catalyst project was successfully signed

Qianwei news network recently, Leshan Dongcheng new materials Co., Ltd. successfully signed an investment agreement with our county for high-purity can and automobile exhaust purification catalyst projects. The successful settlement of the project will effectively fill the gap of fine chemical industry in our county, realize the link between chemical industry and electronic information industry, and play a positive role in promoting the adjustment of industrial economic structure, enhancing the ability of sustainable development and changing the mode of economic development of our county.

   it is reported that Dongcheng company signed a project with our county this time, with a total investment of 200 million yuan, which will build a project with an annual output of 3000 tons of high-purity can and 1000 tons of automobile exhaust purification catalyst. The project is planned to start construction in December 2011 and put into operation in May 2012. After the project is completed and put into operation, it can realize annual sales of 370 million yuan and tax payment of 40 million yuan, which can solve the employment of more than 200 people. Recently, Dongcheng company has paid * * * * land payment of 1.5 million yuan in advance to the County Bureau of land and resources.

   it is understood that Dongcheng company is a legal person company newly incorporated in our county by Chengdu Xinyue rare earth materials Co., Ltd. high purity can is mainly used for LCD, PDP and other liquid crystal displays. With the expansion of the application of such liquid crystal displays, the annual demand of can will be more than 10000 tons in the next two or three years, and will grow at a rate of 15% every year. The market space is huge and the market prospect is excellent. Automobile exhaust purification catalyst is a fuel motor vehicle exhaust purification catalyst with cerium zirconium solid solution as the main component. In 2009, the global consumption of cerium zirconium solid solution exceeded 10000 tons and the domestic consumption reached 4000 tons. With the rapid development of China's economy, the ownership of fuel engine motor vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles will also continue to grow, and the domestic consumption of cerium zirconium solid solution will reach 10000 tons in the next five years, The market prospect is very broad

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