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The success of rare earth should be attributed to the manufacture of automobile exhaust catalyst

It is reported that Chinese researchers have successfully applied rare earths to automobile exhaust catalysts. As a major automobile producer and consumer in the world, the strong demand for automobile catalysts will push up the price of rare earth in the next few years.

  researchers say that this new catalyst can successfully cut off the "black tail" of cars and make harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitric oxide "reborn" into gases suitable for discharge into the atmosphere. Industry insiders reported that the successful development of the new catalyst is at the right time. With the continuation of the financial crisis, the prices of platinum, palladium and other precious metals widely used in the manufacture of automobile catalysts have also risen, breaking the historical price repeatedly under the stimulation of risk aversion hot money. If the relatively cheap rare earth catalyst can be widely popularized in the next few years, it will undoubtedly be a great benefit to the automotive industry.

Accordingly, the support of basic demand will also push up the price of rare earths. Especially after decades of blind mining, China's rare earth supply has tightened. According to the analysis of traders, the price of rare earth is likely to rise by a large margin.

   according to the data of the General Administration of customs, China's annual export of rare earths is 50000 tons (legal export), mainly to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries. In recent years, China is also actively developing the application field of rare earth, accounting for 70000 tons. The actual input of rare earth minerals in China is about 150000 tons every year, which has not changed significantly in recent years. If we add the number of illegal channels such as illegal reselling quotas and export agents, the supply of rare earths in China has been very tight.

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